F.P.I.S, Inc.

Distributes brochures to over 3,000 locations in the Eastern United States. Twenty-four geographically-based coverage areas stretch from Akron, Ohio south to Key West, Florida. Serving the travel industry since 1967, F.P.I.S. today provides display rack advertising for more than 700 travel advertisers. In addition to rack display, the company also serves the market through mail-order fulfillment, print brokerage, design consultation, custom display design and production, and electronic media advertising services.

FPIS can help if you:

  • need to build attendance and awareness but don't have the time and energy to do it yourself.
  • appreciate the values of broad exposure, regular distribution, free warehousing for up to 25,000 brochures... all at one affordable monthly rate.
  • look for reliability, dependability and creativity in your travel marketing efforts.
  • seek creative design and quality brochure printing at competitive prices.

F.P.I.S. distributes over 30,000,000 brochures annually for more than 600 advertising clients through a network that includes over 3,400 display locations segmented into 29 service areas in 10 southeastern states. Our total service area provides entry/penetration into over 400 SMSA's.

27 service partners accomplish our distribution; they are helped in this effort by the work of 22 support personnel. Company-wide, we will provide over 20,000,000 client material handlings this year. Our 31 service vehicles and 6 sales vehicles will log over 1,000,000 miles this year in delivery of brochure service.

Above all else, we provide our client partners with unparalleled service, unmatched experience, uncommon promotional and material-handling ideas, and (almost) unheard of concern for their every success.


220 Story Road
Ocoee, FL 34761-3096
Phone: (407) 656-8818
Toll Free: (800) 346-5977
Fax: (407) 877-6629
Email: info@fpis.com